The location of your property

Turkey is one of the most appealing destinations in the Mediterrenean Coast with its nature, climate and history. Buying a house in Turkey will not only be an enjoying experience for you, but it also is a great investment. Because of the fact that Turkey is an emerging property market, the country offers reasonable prices for overseas buyers.

We would be glad to offer our Mortgage services for your property finance in Turkey. DenizBank is the first Turkish bank providing mortgages to foreigners in Turkey. This makes us the most experienced bank and the best partner in making your dream come true.

In addition to our Mortgage services, we offer full banking service in setting up your daily banking needs in Turkey.

Benefits of banking with us:

  • Friendly English speaking staff
  • Competitive Mortgage rates
  • Competitive Savings rates
  • Knowledge about the legal obligations, restrictions and procedures which are applicable for foreigners’ property purchase and banking transactions